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Heat resistant RFID tags Steelmini

RTEC Steelmini is mini RFID ceramic tag with heat resistant shell. Though small it is, it is a rugged RFID tag of IP68 specially designed for metal objects. As high temperature RFID tag, Steelmini can resist the temperature of 300℃. The high temperature resistant shell can not only isolate part of the heat, but also protect the ceramic tag inside from corrosion by acid and alkali solution in the environment. It is encapsulated while injection molding process to ensure the cavity is truely air tight. Steelmini is able to be applied to multiple types of applications, such as coating,heat treatment,molding,painting and many other RFID industrial management.


Tag Materials


Surface Materials



9 x 13.5 x 6 mm


High performance epoxy resin/embedded

Ambient Temperature

-30°C to +300°C

IP Classfication


RF Air Protocol

EPC Global Class 1 Gen2  ISO18000-6C

Operating Frequency

UHF 866-868 MHz (ETSI) / UHF 902-928 MHz (FCC)

Environment Compatibility

Optimized on metal

Read Range on metal

Up to 3 m (on metal)

IC Type

Impinj R6-P

Memory Configuration

EPC 128bit  TID 96bit  User 32bit

Product Description

Steelmini tags are the combination of rugged RFID tags, RFID hard tags, RFID tags metal, micro RFID tags and high temp RFID tags. It is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including RFID in intelligent manufacturing,mould managing and medical industry. These tags are particularly valuable for tracking and managing equipment that is subject to frequent handling and exposure to various elements. Especially in medical industry, by integrating rugged RFID tags into medical devices, healthcare facilities can ensure reliable and accurate identification and tracking, even in demanding environments. In addition to the rugged RFID tags, steelmini is specifically engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, making them ideal for medical devices that undergo sterilization processes involving high heat or exposure to chemicals. The high temperature resistant uhf on metal RFID tag enable healthcare providers to monitor and track equipment throughout the sterilization cycle, ensuring that devices are properly processed and ready for safe use in patient care. Moreover, as a tag RFID metal, the use of metal tag RFID has proven instrumental in managing medical devices and equipment made of metal or other materials that may interfere with standard. This capability is particularly valuable in healthcare environments where medical devices such as surgical instruments, implantable devices, and metal equipment are prevalent. By implementing anti metal RFID tag like steelmini, healthcare facilities can overcome the challenges posed by metal assets and achieve comprehensive visibility and control over their inventory.
In conclusion, steelmini combines the use of rugged RFID tags, high temperature tags, RFID hard tags and uhf metal tags, which demonstrates a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge solutions to address the unique challenges of asset tracking and management in intelligent manufacturing,mould managing and medical industry. 


How to package the tags? 
SteelHT is a RFID uhf tag heavy duty rugged type, it is quite large and heavy, therefore we will pack them in small group with antistatic bag and then pack them in boxes.

Can I customize this RFID high temperature on metal tag’s color?
Yes, but SteelHT is a high temperature RFID tag. Most of the high temperature resistant plastics are black, the shell material can not be changed. But you can change the appearance color by spraying high temperature resistant paint. At present we have silver and white high temperature resistant paint.

Can I customize the surface engraving content of the temperature resistant RFID tag?
Yes, the surface can be laser engraving logo, bar code, but steelmini is a micro RFID tag, there is not enough room to engrave logo and bar code together, or the bar code will not be scanned clearly.



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