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Washable RFID Tags for Laundry Management L-T7015

RFID laundry tags are revolutionizing the way laundry management is handled. These durable, reusable RFID tags are embedded with uhf RFID chips, allowing for efficient and accurate tracking of garments throughout the laundering process. RTEC, a leading RFID tag factory offers a range of RFID laundry tags designed to withstand the rigors of commercial washing and drying. L-T7015 is such kind of uhf laundry tag. By incorporating these uhf RFID laundry tags into their laundry operations, businesses can streamline inventory management, reduce loss, and improve overall efficiency.


Tag Materials

Metal Wire

Surface Materials



70 x 15 x 1.5 mm


L-T7015S: Sew in the hem or woven label
L-T7015P: Heat-sealing at 215℃@15 sec & 4bars

Heat Resistance

Washing: 90℃, 15 mins, 200 cycles
Pre-drying: 180℃, 30 mins
Ironing: 180℃, 10 sec, 200 cycles
Sterilization: 135℃, 20 mins

IP Classfication


Chemical Resistance

Normal common chemicals in the washing processes

Mechanical Resistance

60 bars


2 years or 200 washing cycles

RF Air Protocol

EPC Global Class 1 Gen2 ISO18000-6C

Operating Frequency

UHF 860-960 MHz

Environment Compatibility

Optimized in air 

Read Range

Up to 13 m (in air)

IC Type


Memory Configuration

EPC 96bit /128 bit

Performance test chart in Voyantic:

Product Description

With the rise of washable RFID tags and laundry RFID solutions, laundry operations have seen significant improvements in inventory management, tracking, and overall efficiency. RFID textile management has become a game-changer for the industry, and innovative solutions such as RFID stitch tags and RFID material for sewing are at the forefront of this revolution.

  As washable RFID tags, L-t 7015 is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial laundering, ensuring that they remain intact and functional despite repeated wash cycles and exposure to chemicals. These washable RFID tags are equipped with unique identification numbers that can be read remotely using RFID readers, enabling seamless tracking and traceability throughout the laundry lifecycle.

Laundry RFID solutions have ushered in a new era of efficiency and transparency. By leveraging uhf RFID laundry tags, businesses can achieve accurate inventory counts, monitor the movement of textiles, and optimize operational workflows. With the ability to track individual items in real time, laundry facilities can streamline processes, reduce labor costs, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

RFID textile management extends beyond the usage of standard RFID tags. RTEC, a leader RFID tag manufacturer, offers RFID stitch tags that are integrated directly into the fabric of garments. These fabric RFID tags are sewed or hot pressed during the manufacturing process, ensuring seamless integration and long-lasting identification capabilities. By utilizing RFID stitch tags, businesses can eliminate the need for external tagging, reducing the risk of tag loss or damage. This approach to textile management enhances the durability and reliability of the RFID tracking system, leading to improved accuracy and longevity in garment identification.

The benefits of RFID textile management extend to various sectors within the laundry industry. In healthcare facilities, where precise inventory tracking and compliance with hygiene standards are critical, RFID technology provides a comprehensive solution for managing linens, uniforms, and medical textiles. Similarly, hospitality and commercial laundry services can leverage RFID solutions to achieve greater operational visibility, reduce shrinkage, and optimize resource usage. The integration of RFID clothing tags into textile management processes has proven to be a pivotal asset for businesses seeking to modernize their operations and achieve a competitive edge in the market.

The advent of RFID tags for laundry and advanced laundry RFID solutions has redefined textile management in the laundry industry. The utilization of RFID laundry management, including RFID laundry tags, has brought about unprecedented improvements in inventory control, process efficiency, and overall accountability. As businesses continue to embrace the transformative power of RFID textile management, the landscape of laundry operations will undoubtedly see further enhancements in productivity, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.



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