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RFID Laundry Tag in Hotel Laundry Management

For the hotel industry, the management and treatment of linen products is a pain point in the industry, the classification, statistics, packaging and separation of clean or dirty linen the whole process is more complicated, which to a certain extent will inevitably consume time and money. At present, most of the crafts production method is manual, then, this requires a lot of labor time for employees, and one point is that the staff in the process of making linen crafts because of mistakes caused by certain losses. However, with the advent of RFID technology, hotel laundry management has been revolutionized, enabling hotels to streamline their operations, manage inventory effectively, and enhance guest satisfaction.

RFID washing management system process

7 Jan 2019
Data entry: After the RFID laundry tag is affixed to the linen products, the linen is endowed with the unique code, making the linen a "smart linen". This makes it easier for staff in the hospitality industry to manage dirty or clean linen, while improving the tracking process for assets such as linen. By implanting RFID washable laundry tags on the linen, it can be monitored and traceable throughout the life cycle and in each circulation link.
Linen cleaning: The linen will be manually sorted into the conveyor belt, and the linen will be transferred to the sling along with the conveyor belt, and the sling will drop the dirty linen into the main laundry cage for cleaning. After drying, the clean linen will be packed into a white sling, which will be folded by a machine and transported to the finishing area by workers.
Linen counting: When each piece of cloth passes through each specific link, it is equipped with a reading and writing device to read and write information quickly and in batches, and upload the data to the cloud server. Dirty textile sewn with rfid textile is packaged directly. Through the RFID handheld machine automatically collect the number and record the ID of each piece of dirty texitle that is read, the staff can read thousands of linen products in a few seconds without scanning a single bar code, because the data is not manually counted. This will not only improve work efficiency, but also bring convenience to the demander and provide quality services.

RFID technology also supports sustainability efforts in hotel laundry management. By providing precise data on linen utilization, rfid tag laundry enables hotels to optimize their inventory levels, reduce unnecessary replacement of linens, and minimize the environmental impact of excess laundering. Through RFID-enabled tracking, hotels can also implement more efficient laundering schedules, leading to reduced energy and water consumption.
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