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Flexible RFID UHF Foam Anti Metal Label Tag Ironlabel-P6604

The flexible anti-metal UHF label is very thin, enables customer to encode and print visual information (text, barcode, QR code and logo) by themselves with exclusive RFID printer (such as SATO CL4NX, Toshiba SX-5). Suitable for flat or slightly curved metal surfaces, such as IT asset, medical device, metal pipe, metal container etc.


Tag Materials


Antenna Size


Surface Materials

High quality PET label


Industry grade adhesive


White (Standard)



Standard Packing

500 pcs/reel

Support Printer

Zebra RZ400/R110Xi4,SATO CL4NX,Toshiba SX-5

RF Air Protocol

EPC Global Class 1 Gen2  ISO18000-6C

Operating Frequency

UHF 866-868 MHz (ETSI)UHF 902-928 MHz (FCC)

Environment Compatibility

Optimized on metal

Read Range 

Up to 4.5m (FCC) Up to 3.5m (ETSI)



IC Type

NXP Ucode8

Memory Configuration

EPC 128bit  TID 96bit

Product Description

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has revolutionized inventory management, offering a range of innovative solutions such as UHF foam label tags, UHF RFID paper tags, printable RFID tags, and RFID sticker tags. These versatile RFID tags have transformed the way businesses track and manage their inventory, driving efficiency and accuracy across various industries.

The UHF foam label tag is a standout solution for organizations operating in challenging environments. Known for its durability and adaptability, this tag is designed to endure harsh conditions, making it well-suited for industries such as manufacturing and logistics. The high read ranges and reliable performance of UHF foam label tags enable businesses to effectively monitor and track inventory, ensuring real-time visibility into their supply chains.

Similarly, the UHF RFID paper tag has gained prominence as a cost-effective and sustainable option for precise inventory control. Its lightweight and customizable nature allows for seamless integration into products and packaging, making it a popular choice for applications in retail, healthcare, and asset management. The UHF RFID paper tag empowers businesses to streamline their inventory processes and enhance operational efficiency.

Printable RFID tags have emerged as a flexible and customizable solution for businesses seeking efficient item-level tracking. By leveraging RFID technology, these tags enable accurate tracking of items while also offering the opportunity to incorporate branding and product information directly onto the tags. The ability to print variable data on demand enables efficient labeling and tracking of a wide range of products, supporting inventory visibility and consumer engagement.

Furthermore, RFID sticker tags have become indispensable tools for businesses looking to optimize their inventory management processes. Designed with adhesive backing and durability, these tags can be easily attached to various items, facilitating seamless tracking and identification. Their compact design and compatibility with different surfaces make RFID sticker tags an ideal solution for enhancing inventory accuracy and streamlining asset management.

In conclusion, the evolution of RFID tags, including UHF foam label tags, UHF RFID paper tags, printable RFID tags, and RFID sticker tags, has significantly improved inventory management practices. These advanced solutions offer businesses unprecedented visibility, accuracy, and efficiency in tracking their inventory, ultimately leading to improved operational performance and cost savings. As the demand for streamlined inventory management continues to grow, the role of RFID tags in driving operational excellence and business success is more pivotal than ever.


How to package the tags?
If the tags’ quantity is small, we will use a sealed bag and a carton, if the tags’ quantity is large, we will use blister trays and cartons.

Can I customize color of this rfid label?
Yes, we can provide this service for our rfid tag, but for rfid labels and inlays, the default color is white, can not be changed.



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