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Ceramic RFID Tags for Heat Resistant Atom

RTEC Atom is a ceramic RFID tag specially designed for metal objects. Performance of this RFID on metal tag is so high that it can be read up to meters of range. Meanwhile,this hard tag RFID is also an high temperature RFID tag. Those advantages allow Atom to be applied to numerous types of applications, such as RFID industrial, RFID hospital equipment tracking, coating, heat treament, molding, painting and many other production processes or equipments.


Tag Materials


Surface Materials

Durable Paint


9 x 25 x 3 mm


Industry grade adhesive /High performance epoxy resin

Ambient Temperature

-30°C to +250°C

IP Classfication


RF Air Protocol

EPC Global Class 1 Gen2  ISO18000-6C

Operating Frequency

UHF 866-868 MHz (ETSI) / UHF 902-928 MHz (FCC)

Environment Compatibility

Optimized on metal

Read Range on metal

Up to 7 m (on metal)

IC Type

Impinj R6-P

Memory Configuration

EPC 128bit  TID 96bit  User 32bit

Product Description

RTEC Atom tags are ceramic RFID tags which are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, making them ideal for asset tag tracking in challenging conditions such as high temperatures, RFID tool tracking and RFID anti metal environment. The ceramic housing provides durability and resistance to environmental factors, ensuring reliable performance in adverse environments. Meanwhile Atom ceramic tags can also be used as embedded RFID tags. As small passive RFID tags, Atom the ceramic tag can be easily embedded in metal. Embedded RFID tags are integrated directly into assets during the manufacturing process, providing a seamless and tamper-proof way to track and manage items. By embedding RFID tags in equipment, products or infrastructure, organizations can streamline inventory management, prevent counterfeiting and enhance supply chain visibility. As a ceramic tag, the ceramic housing is the best material for heat resistant. Therefore Atom is a superior heat resistant RFID tag. It is engineered to withstand extreme temperatures for applications in industrial processes, automotive manufacturing and other high-temperature environments. With our unique antenna design, this RFID ceramic tags present a unique set of challenges due to interference caused by the metal surface. By specially tuned antennas to adjust the frequency, the anti metal ceramic RFID tags can not only be mounted on the metal surface or embedded mount, but also have a very good reading distance. These RFID hard tags offer a reliable means of tracking assets in challenging operational settings, ensuring consistent performance and data capture.

For applications, Atom is also very popular in military and defense applications. The samll size and superior performance made it can be easily embedded in weapons. The use of RFID technology has expanded to include RFID weapon tags, which are designed to provide secure and accurate tracking of firearms, ammunition, and other critical assets. The implementation of RFID weapon tags enhances inventory management, security, and accountability within defense organizations, ensuring a high level of oversight and control over sensitive equipment.

Furthermore, as high temp RFID tags, Atom tags are highly used in industrial area. The implementation of RFID technology in industrial settings enables real-time tracking of assets, facilitates preventive maintenance scheduling, and supports compliance with regulatory standards. This results in improved asset utilization, reduced downtime, and enhanced safety within industrial facilities.



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