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About Us

RTEC is a global provider of RFID tag solutions

We take pride in our commitment to help our customers improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations and workflow. Our DNA and culture of innovation are the primary drivers to constantly develop revolutionary RFID solutions that have helped to address the needs and overcome the challenges for over hundreds of global customers.

Revolution is our fundamental philosophy and we constantly strive to develop and build products that challenge the boundary of RFID. From the industry first ever battery free and sensor free on-metal sensor tags, to re-usable tamper proof durable tags, to tags that can predict the next maintenance time cycle, and to the smallest form factor on-metal tags, there is always a rekindle of passion to bring something that benefits our customers.

To make the impossible a possible and unreliability that can be reliable, we are RTEC.

What do we do

RTEC focuses on serving users' IOT technology needs in material management, identity recognition, process traceability, real-time positioning, passive perception and other aspects, helping users to improve production efficiency, reduce management costs, optimize workflow, reduce business risks, and improve economic benefits. RTEC has the production capacity of all kinds of radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tags, antennas, readers, passive wireless temperature sensors and data collectors, etc. In the field of RFID tags, we are the leading manufacturer of special tags in China, especially experienced in printable flexible on metal tags, PCB tags, laundry tags, rugged tags, high temperature tags, ceramic tags, PET inlay, etc. Our customer covers Foxconn, ABB, Apple Inc., and is the only designated RFID supplier of Apple Inc.

Why choose us

1. RTEC's mission is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and providing RFID tag solutions that works perfectly under different circumstances and conditions. We are 100% committed to build reliable products and provide good services to our customers so that they are able to reap the benefits and enjoy the fruits of labor. We also strive to continuously improve ourselves by improvising our research, design and production process as well as constantly upgrading and strengthening our employees competency and skills.
2. Our vision is to become a truly global tag solution provider with a brand name that is synonymous with quality, safety, reliability and predictability. Turning Revolutionary ideas into something that is smarter and easy to use for our customers is always our passion.